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Prospective Student

SKKU's College of Science is striving to become the most admirable place for multidimensional and dynamic intellectual exchanges, with cross-cultural research and education environments for international students. We believe in the value of international engagement and participation in the incubation of authentic, creative, and collaborative ideas for scientific progress and discovery.


Having highly-motivated international students within our science community will be a great contribution to the intellectual and cultural prosperity of our College. If you are not planning to earn a degree from our college, but still hope to experience SKKU Science, you can join us as a short-term visiting/exchange student or laboratory internship student.


This page is a gateway for prospective international students who are interested in becoming a science alumni. Here are some suggested online routes for you to find the information you need on our college’s web page.


If you have any general questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the College of Science Office for further support.


Prospective Student
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