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The SKKU College of Science is a powerhouse in the field of basic sciences in Korea. From nano scale to the vastness of the nature and a variety of phenomenon in the universe to be dissected and integrated, our scientists and researchers translate discovery into measurable and valuable change for the better.


Research at Sungkyunkwan University improves the lives of people across our region, nation and world. We are a global leader in delivering research with practical and profound results. We are working on various types of comprehensive and in-depth study and research, with a belief that what we create will become the new beginning. What we explore here will spread and contribute to human society.


In addition to an individual faculty members’ relatively small or medium scale research laboratories, we have a number of research centers, some of which are supported by the BK 21 PLUS. All disciplines under the College of Science has been successful in winning the Brain Korea 21 PLUS fund from the Korean government, which is a true indicator of the excellence in research and education capability of our college.




The research activities of the College of Science are driven by a number of research organizations, and they can be divided into two major categories depending on their nature and financial source. Individual professors’ research institutes supported by external sources, mainly governmental, are under the Institute of Basic Sciences which is the umbrella research organization for multiple research centers. These centers are financially supported by either governmental or non-governmental entities for at least five years.


As briefly mentioned above, another major stream of research funds comes from the Brain Korea 21 PLUS, which is one of the largest and longest standing government grant programs for the advancement of research and development nationwide. The objective of BK21 PLUS is to produce the next generation of world class leaders in various academic fields, by investing resources into academic and graduate schools and research organizations with long-term vision. Currently, the College of Science embraces four research divisions administered by each department.


Category Ogranization Director (Prof.) Department
Institute of
Basic Science
Research Center for Basic Science Young Uk KWON Chemistry
Creative Research Center for Quantum Materials and Superconductivity (CQMS) Tu Son PARK Physics
Creative Research Initiatives Center for Smart Molecular Memory (CRICSMM) Hyo Young LEE Chemistry
Chemical & Biological Detection Research Center (CBDRC) Jin Hyo BOO Chemistry
Research Institute of Nanobio Convergence Wan Soo YUN Chemistry
Institute for Science and Technology in Space Il Hung PARK Physics
Center for Non-linear Ergodic Theory Studies Yong Do LIM Mathematics
Center for Immune Research on Non-lymphoid Organ (CIRNO) Yong-soo BAE Biological Sciences
BK21 PLUS Education Center for Creative Leaders in Integrative Biology Jae Seong LEE Biological Sciences
Creative Mathematical Science Division Yong Do LIM Mathematics
Division of HRD for Next Generation Leaders in Physics Joo Yull RHEE Physics
HRD Center for Creative Convergence Chemical Sciences Joo Yull RHEE Chemistry
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