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Financial Aid

SKKU College of Science offers various scholarship programs to support international students financially at four levels; university, college, department, and professor. In addition to the general financial aid programs available for all international graduate students, each college and department may have college/department specific financial support programs. A student is advised to contact his/ her college or department, or enquire with an academic advisor personally.


STEM Scholarship for International Graduate Students

SKKU has created a scholarship program for newly admitted international graduate students who apply for majors in Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Mathematics (STEM) fields. The Scholarship Program is available for incoming graduate program students enrolling in one of STEM-field departments.


Initial/ First Semester: Administered by The Office of International Student Services
  • A. Conditional
    An international student who satisfies one of the conditions below will be granted the scholarship of 100% of tuition and admission fee in the first semester. (Approximately 10 million KRW)

  • B. Unconditional
    An international student accepted to a graduate program in a STEM field department will be granted a scholarship worth 50% of tuition and 100% admission fee in the first semester. (Approximately 5 million KRW in total)


Continuing Semesters : Administered by College/ Department

A student who received a STEM scholarship may apply for continued support in the ensuing semesters. A student in receipt of a STEM Scholarship for International Graduate Students is strongly recommended to meet the relevant conditions in order to maintain financial aid. Each academic unit may adopt different criteria for the financial aid continuation, and thus a scholarship student should contact his/ her college or department office for more information.



Teaching Assistant Subsidy

A graduate student may receive financial subsidy by playing a role as a teaching/research assistant. There are various types of TA subsidies which vary depending on course type and the number of enrolled students. The table shows an overview of the TA subsidy options, and some other strings may be attached so please contact the college/department office for details.



Brain Korea 21 PLUS Fellowship

A graduate student may financially benefit from a government scholarship program, such as the Brain Korea 21 Plus, if his/ her department has been granted funds. As of December 2014, a master and Ph.D. program student participating in the BK21 PLUS Project is able to receive a monthly research scholarship of 600,000 KRW and 1,000,000 KRW, respectively.



Degree Advancement Scholarship Program

The Degree Advancement Scholarship Program (DASP) is to selectively support academically excellent Bachelor or Master Program students when advancing to upper-level degree programs as follows. A graduate program application must be recommended by a faculty member at the receiving department for eligibility.



Others Opportunities


Sponsored Student Scholarship

Sponsored students are duly able to receive the designated financial aid from a sponsoring entity, such as government sector entities including, but not limited to, the Ministry of Education, private companies, foundations, and other charity institutes. Either the Korean or foreign government/ institutions can be the financial sponsor, or each scholarship program is usually administered in partnership with a host institution; in this case, SKKU will provide useful information and service needed for beneficiaries.


Individual Professor's Aid

An individual professor may offer financial aid on his/ her own, to support a graduate student’s study. Possible sources are government-initiated research projects, research funds granted by private sectors such as companies, self-sustained research institutes, charities etc.


Shim-san Fellowship

The Shim-san Fellowship Program was established to provide financial aid to both Korean and international graduate students with excellent research performance and capability. Named after Shim-san KIM Changsook who was a founder of the modern Sungkyunkwan in 1946, each department is entitled to administer the scholarship allocated fund to benefit its graduate students.