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The College of Science comprises of four academic disciplines; the Department of Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. In addition to that, we have the inclusion of one more discipline called; the Interdisciplinary Course of Physics and Chemistry which only offers combined master and Ph.D. programs, whereas the four departments have four types of degree programs; bachelor, master, Ph.D., and combined master and Ph.D. (CMP).


Another big component of the College of Science’s organizational structure is research institutions under the Institute of Basic Science, which is the umbrella research unit for the area of natural and basic sciences. Seven subsidiary research centers are engaged in research activities in various fields ranging from Nano-bio Convergence to Space Technology and Science.


In order to support faculty, scientists, students, and all other stakeholders of the College of Science community, the college looks after administrative aspects as well. It also provides fundamental services to students, such as; counseling, graduate school fairs, career development programs, and study abroad opportunities.



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Sungkyunkwan University College of Science Organizational Chart

  • College of Science
    • Dean’s Office
    • Steering Committee
    • Committee for Faculty Affairs
    • College of Science Office
        • Institute of Basic Sciences
      • Research Center for Basic Sciences
      • Research Center for Quantum Materials and Superconductivity
      • Creative Research Initiatives Center for Smart Molecular Memory
      • Chemical & Biological Detection Research Center
      • Research Institute of Nanobio Convergence
      • Institute for Science and Technology in Space
      • Center for Non-linear Ergodic Theory Studies
    • Departments
      • Biologycal Sciences
        • Division for Developing Integrated and Creative Human Resources in Biological Sciences
        • Administration Office
      • Mathematics
        • Division for Developing Creative Human Resources of Mathematical Sciences
        • Administration Office
      • Physics
        • Division for Developing Next-Generation Leaders in Physics
        • Administration Office
      • Chemistry
        • HRD Center for Creative Convergence Chemical Sciences
        • Administration Office