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Research Support

The Cooperative Center for Research Facilities (CCRF) was established in 2001 with the aim to better support on or off campus research activities in the most efficient way, whilst utilizing the research facilities, equipment, devices, and other related resources.


In order to live up to SKKU’s ambitious vision to become a truly global leading research-centered university, the Cooperative Center for Research Facilities (CCRF) copes with the drastically changing developing trends of basic sciences, by establishing the world-class support system for research, education, and industrial-academic cooperation through the joint use of cutting-edge high-price devices.



Organizational Chart

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  • Provost
    • Operation Committee
    • Administration Department
    • Analysis Department
      • Organic Analysis Lab.
        • Bonding structure and qualitative analysis of organic chemicals
      • Inorganic Analysis Lab.
        • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of metals and inorganic materials
      • Micro Structure Analysis Lab.
        • Observation of micro-scale and nano-scale structure of materials
      • Surface Analysis Lab.
        • Analysis of shape and ingredients on the surface of materials
      • Physical Property Lab.
        • Measurement of thermal characteristics of materials including polymer
      • Odor analysis Lab.
        • Analysis various odors generating indoor environment and air pollution
      • Asbestos analysis Lab.
        • Observation of the asbestos in air and solid materials
      • Radioisotope Lab.
        • Safety management for radioisotope and measurement of radiation dose