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Address #330210, science building 2, seobu-ro 2066, jangan-gu, suwon, gyeonggi-do, 16419 republic of korea
Telephone 82-31-290-7060




Chemical materials control every physiological function of living creatures. Many biologically active molecules in cancer treatment and physiological functions control are synthesized by the rational design and efficient synthetic tools, based on the fundamental understanding of chemical reactions. Also, the development of new concepts in chemistry allows us to solve problems raised due to the overpopulation of the world. New fertilizers and medicines could protect human beings from food deficiency and a myriad of diseases. The fast development of electronics is related to the advances of new electronic chemical materials.


Current state-of-the-art technologies owe to advances in nanoscience, especially with the appearance of novel nanomaterials that are synthesized from the understanding of chemistry. Green chemistry, also known as sustainable chemistry, refers to environmentally friendly chemicals and processes, which draw everyone’s attention. All in all, we believe chemistry is at the center of science and technology.


In order to live up to societal needs for quality education and valuable research outcomes, the Department of Chemistry at SKKU's College of Science strives to establish an education and research program that focuses on the fundamental understandings, as well as the applications of chemistry. From such a point of view, we educate students to achieve these goals through an innovative educational program and contribute to the increase of international competitiveness, by building various scientific platforms. We aim to become one of the highly competitive world-class research and education institutions via such efforts. Our graduates will take a leading role in many areas of chemistry and we will keep focusing on education and research to become the world’s leading institution.



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