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The administration of the College is primarily implemented by the College of Science Office in collaboration with department and research institute offices. Please understand that we do not release each officer’s contact information to prevent unintended inefficiency in fulfilling our responsibilities to provide quality support and service.


Instead, we would like to kindly suggest you send a message to the College of Science Office ( and we will make reasonable efforts to address it within a few working days, by checking our inbox on a regular basis. It would be helpful if you could specify the name of the officer who you think is the right person to take care of your enquiry.


  • If you think it needs immediate attention, please call us at: +82-31-290-5804
  • If you want to make direct contact to any of our departments, please visit each department’s page under [Department] on the top menu


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Name Position Duties
Chang Gab, KIM Director

Office Management

Dong Choon, PARK Deputy General Manager Facility/Purchase/Finance
Ye Jin, KIM Staff Courses/Grades

Beom Shin, CHO

Staff Academic Affairs(Undergrauate)
Ju Hyun, LEE Staff Academic Affairs(Graduate)
Ju Heon, LEE Staff Student/Financial Aid/BSM course
Chae Jung, LEE Secretary of the Dean Support for the Dean
Kyeong Jin, PARK Assistant Staff Facility